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Gymtrition is a 100% legitimate meal prep company & wholefood health restaurant based in Marrowbone Lane Dublin 8. We supply fresh healthy, nutritious tasty meals, for your training, diet or fitness goals, because the only way to control your body weight is by eating correct foods. From our eatery we can deliver these high protein, low carb, healthy nutritious meals direct to your door/work, or feel free to pop in for lunch.
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11 Sep Healthy eating meal plans

We offer the freshest, healthiest, real food home or work delivery service in Dublin. We have meal plans to suit any goals you have.
Low carb plan. 4 meals a day 5 days a week for €75. This plan is designed to maintain if not build quality lean muscle  while losing fat and fuelling your body the healthiest way possible. Clean bulking diet. [caption id="attachment_17431" align="alignnone" width="300"] Clean bulking diet[/caption] This meal plan is packed full of quality protein and slow release carbs. This will enable you to add as much lean muscle as possible while minimising fat gain. 3 large meals for 5 days for €90 Super low carb meal plan. [caption id="attachment_17429" align="alignnone" width="300"] Super low carb[/caption] This nutrition plan is aimed at losing fat very quickly while keeping lean muscle and using your body's fat for fuel. 3 large meals for 5 days for €90 Call us today on 0852847004 for more info or email us. Alternatively find us on Facebook Charles GT Dunne or The 'Gym Trition' Kitchen
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